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Whether it’s an editorial of one of Tokyo’s numerous subcultures, the core marketing messages of an electric bicycle company bringing their new product to Japan, or a major camera manufacturer encouraging travel and exploration with their cameras and lenses… all of these are stories worth telling with care and feeling. Allow me to aid you in telling your story.


Highlighted Projects


Cyberpunk Photo Shoots


Enter a Blade Runner World

For many people, Tokyo is the quintessential cyberpunk city. It has an incredible mix of neon lights, slick city-scapes, gritty back alleys, and dingy passages. The city’s streets are an endless source of inspiration for my own work and limitless playground for my imagination.

Bizarrely both high-tech and run-down, the metropolis is saturated with cyberpunk. As a major fan of the genre and its unparalleled visual style, I am no stranger to Tokyo’s neon dark side. For those seeking a photo shoot set in a world straight out of Ghost in the Shell or Blade Runner, you’ve come to the right place.

Nikon Europe Social Media Campaign


Cutting Through the Chaos

Nikon Europe approached me in 2017 to shoot a spread of iconic images from Tokyo, the birthplace of Nikon, for the company’s centennial. The concept was deceptively simple: cutting through the chaos. That is, use a range of Nikon telephoto zoom lenses to find moments of calm and clarity amidst the bustle and commotion of the Tokyo metropolis. This simple notion took me on a photographic journey throughout the metropolis over the span of a few weeks.


Van Moof Product Identity


Street Language

I was approached by Ultra Super New, a creative agency based in Tokyo, to produce a series of photos for their client—Dutch bicycle company Van Moof. They were launching a new electric bicycle in the Japanese market, called the Electrified X. The concept for the photos was ‘street language’—a synergy between the bike’s form and the shapes and symbols naturally present on the streets of Tokyo. With this in mind, we shot the bike in locations that paired elegantly with its distinctive form. These photos went on to be used in Van Moof’s Tokyo launch event as well as in online and social media campaigns.


Toshiba Brand Identity


Telling a new story

As part of a brand image redesign led by branding firms Siegel + Gale and Gramco, I was to capture the story of Toshiba’s corporate day-to-day. The main component of the project was a series of videos, while photography was used in supplemental branding materials. I was given a dual role as a photographer—documenting the video production with behind the scenes stills as well as creating striking photography that complements the desired brand identity.

While the video production was carefully planned and scripted, the photography had to be spontaneous and capture scenes that were both visually creative and fit within the requirements set out by the brand design team.


Editorial & Reportage

Magazine Editorials

I’ve shot for a number of travel and lifestyle magazines doing a variety of stories on Tokyo and its surroundings. Ranging from stories of sustainability in the urban jungle, to custom motorbikes, to features on local artists, every story is worth telling. Though mainly hired for photography, I have also written a number of articles for Tokyo Weekender.


Pinokio Fashion Editorial

Street Fashion

Polish Boutique fashion brand Pinokio approached me for a shoot that was gritty, dark, and vivid with color and neon light. Based on a number of photos from my portfolio we selected locations and honed a concept that was futurist and cyberpunk in tone. With an excellent team and fantastic models, the shoot turn out very well and Pinokio was left with enticing marketing material for social media and print.


Corporate Events


Seize the Moment

Document your event with a professional editorial photo essay. Capture the energy and dedication of your team, guests, and speakers. Convey those feelings to your audience on social media and in print. Don't just record the what—capture the why of you your event!



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