Tokyo Photography workshops


Learn and Explore

I am the co-founder of EYExplore, a company based in Japan providing photography workshops in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. We believe it should be easy and fun to learn photography, all while exploring the city and its hidden gems. We provide coaching and feedback on our your photographs in a friendly atmosphere. We call our experiences Photo Adventures. Check out the EYExplore YouTube channel for tutorials on urban photography.

Speaking for myself, I absolutely love teaching photography to those who want to know more about their cameras, who want to discover the city of Tokyo, and learn the creative process behind urban and street photography. I take great pleasure in helping you find your own unique vision and always… challenge your eye.


Signature Photo Workshops

Tokyo Cyberpunk Streets

I have long held a deep interest in the cyberpunk genre. It’s been 20 years since I first read Neuromancer and played the original Deus Ex. That was the beginning of cyberpunk for me. It was only after that I eventually saw films such as Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell, followed by countless other media not only in cyberpunk genre, but in science fiction in general. Over a decade ago I first set foot in Tokyo and the city immediately caught my imagination as the real-world embodiment of the settings in all those stories that I loved so much.

So, for me it has been a decade of photographing Tokyo and its deep underbelly, wrought out of concrete, steel, and neon light. And now, I’d like to share these places and experiences with others through the act of street photography. To that end, I run the Tokyo Cyberpunk Streets photography workshop on EYExplore.

Tokyo Vertigo

After some years of exploring the streets of Tokyo, I started taking to the rooftops. It began as a simple curiosity, and quickly escalated into an obsession. I am always motivated by the photographic aspect of exploring the city—I want to create captivating images that convey the atmosphere and narratives of this awesome city. But at a more fundamental level, I am driven by curiosity, a wonder of what’s around the next corner—or at the top of next stair case.

To me, the rooftops are an untapped frontier of the urban expanse, untouched by the average city-dweller or traveler. It takes time, effort, and persistence to discover and explore this world hidden above the streets. I’d like to share this photographic adventure with you on my Tokyo Vertigo photography workshop on EYExplore. Join me on this adventure onto Tokyo’s rooftops!