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A sarariman sleeps on a slide under a highway.


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About the Photographer

My name is Lukasz Kazimierz Palka. I am a street photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. For many years, I have been exploring the city and photographing its inhabitants. I draw inspiration from the masters of street photography as well as from works of science fiction such as Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Deus Ex, and Neuromancer. Through my chosen medium for self-expression I strive to tell my own stories.

These days, I extend my urban forays vertically onto the rooftops of the Tokyo. This project I call L’appel du Vide, or 'the call of the void'. It is an exploration of the unseen world above the streets—a quiet and serene metropolitan landscape.

I am available for hire for photographic projects of various sort, but in particular: documentary, editorial, and journalism.

Photography Workshops

I am also the co-founder of EYExplore, a business currently based in Tokyo specializing in photography workshops / photo adventures.

We believe that photography can be fun and easy to learn, all while exploring the amazing city of Tokyo. We provide coaching and feedback on your photography as well a fun an friendly atmosphere.

If you want to see the city and learn how to shoot, it would be my pleasure to lead and teach.

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